Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's in a name?

Inevitably when someone finds out I own a sailboat, the first question I am asked is, "What's her name?"

Yep, It's Jep!

The name rolls off your tongue quite quickly, so often times I encounter a confused, blank stare. I like to give everyone a moment to process before I recite my elevator speech.

"Cool. What is Yep, It's Jep?"

It's funny how people ask or phrase the question, like they missed some obvious observation and assume I think they are a total dolt (chances are, I do think you're a dolt, but for different reasons). But I digress...

The name for my 1986 Captiva 240 originates from the painting posted. "Yep Its Jep", without proper punctuation, is the original campaign poster for my Great Grandfather Dale K. Jepson when he ran for probate judge in Ionia, Michigan back in the 1930s. The poster was actually painted by an inmate at the Ionia County Jail, 'Rumley.' You can see his signature at the bottom right. I'm guessing 'ol Rumley skipped one or two English classes. This was the inspiration for the name since my middle name is Jepson. My folks had the original poster fully restored and digitized in 2007 as a Christmas gift (seriously one of the best presents I've ever received). The painting is now the focal point in my condo!

Just as a note, no, I do not look like my Great Grandfather. If there is a resemblance, it is a total coincidence, as my Grandpa Jepson (Willy) was adopted.

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