Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Mainsail FINISHED!

After sorting through the ludicrous amount of junk mail I receive on a daily basis last night, I came across an envelope with the Doyle Sailmakers logo where one would find the return address. I opened the envelope immediately when I got into my place to find the envelope contained the final amount due for the sail. First thing I thought was, " sail must be done!"

Today over lunch I shot a quick email to the Doyle loft in Chicago to confirm my suspicions. I received a response in 4 minutes stating, "The sail is all done just need to do a final check...will E-mail you some photos." JACKPOT! A couple hours later there was an email in my inbox with some pictures attached. SAH-weet! I'm hoping the sail gets here by the weekend!

UPDATE 2/28/2011: The sail has arrived! Behold!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jep Has Officially Joined MAST

Today I finally sent in my membership application and check so that I may race in MAST for the 2011 sailing season. According to the MAST website:

"MAST was organized by a group of trailer sailors who shared interests in sailing. "MAST" is an acronym for Mid America Sail and Trail. As MAST enters 2011, it celebrates its thirty-sixth year. The club provides its members with many social events throughout the year, as well as a variety of sailboat cruises, regattas and competitive racing. While boat ownership is a goal of most of its members, it is not a requirement and many members were introduced to sailing through participation in MAST activities."

I've sailed in MAST for the past three years on s/v Blue Pearl, a 40.5 foot Beneteau First 405. It was a true pleasure sailing for Jim Kerlin on s/v Blue Pearl. Making the decision to "jump ship" and sail exclusivly on Jep was by no means an easy decision to make. However, as my skill level and boat get more advanced, my desire to go out on my own only grows stronger.

Here's to the 2011 season!