Monday, May 4, 2009

Projects, Projects, and more Projects!

Don't get me wrong, I love owning a boat, but holy crap is this a lot of work at the beginning of the season! However, all of the hard work will be paying huge dividends on an 85 degree day in 5-10 knots while I'm sucking down ice cold PBR and sailing the Wisconsin Lake Shore. Here's a quick breakdown of what has been completed thus far:
-Installed cockpit speakers
-Applied name decals
-Installed lifeline cushions
-Fabricated and installed windex mount
-Rewired steaming and deck lights
-Sealed windows and hatch with marine silicone
-Installed refinished cockpit and deck teak
-Refinished and installed outboard motor mount
-Installed cockpit cup holders
-Installed handheld GPS mount
-Installed toilet paper holder (This did not exist before. Kinda gross if you think about it.)
-Applied 1 coat of wax
-Repaired scratches in the gel coat on the keel
-Stripped old caulk on aftermarket deck additions and recaulked with marine silicone
-Repaired 2 interior cushions (Yes, I revisited my 6th grade home economics sewing skills)

I still have a few more projects to complete before we step the mast, but this should give some indication how labor intensive boat ownership can be! I'll be sure to post some pictures after we step the mast and take Jep for the first voyage of 2009!

Also, thank you to Drew, Chad, and Casey for your help so far this season!